Ayasdi was started in 2008 to bring a groundbreaking new approach to solving the world’s most complex problems after a decade of research at Stanford, DARPA and NSF.

Ayasdi [ai-yaz-dee] means “to seek” in Cherokee.

We’ve built the world’s only Insight Discovery Platform using Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to allow people to discover insights in data in ways never imagined without queries.

Our mission is to help organizations make groundbreaking discoveries that lead to rapid innovation, faster growth, increased cost savings, and perhaps most importantly, saving lives through breakthroughs in translational medicine.



Ayasdi Launches the Ayasdi Cure Application

Enabling biomarker identification, drug target discovery, and Precision Medicine.

IVP, GE Ventures and Citi Ventures invest $30M Series B.

Steve Harrick of IVP joins the Board.


A New Chapter

Ayasdi launches a new website and moves to a new office in downtown Palo Alto.


Vinod Khosla Invests in Ayasdi

$10M Series A round led by Khosla Ventures.


Ann Miura-Ko Joins the Board

Ayasdi receives a $2 million seed round of capital from FLOODGATE.


Dr. Pek Lum & Dr. Ben Mann Join the Team

Pek Lum leads Ayasdi’s products and solutions team, while Ben Mann oversees all federal operations.


Ayasdi Founded at Stanford

Gurjeet, Gunnar and Harlan founded Ayasdi to commercialize Topological Data Analysis (TDA).


Gurjeet Creates Mapper

Gurjeet creates the first software program applying Topological Data Analysis: Mapper.


Gunnar and Gurjeet Team Up

Ph.D. mathematics student, Gurjeet Singh, joins his Stanford professor Gunnar Carlsson on the Topological Data Analysis research project.

Stanford Awarded $10m in Grants

US government research agencies DARPA and NSF award $10M in grants to Stanford, with Gunnar Carlsson as the principal investigator, to apply Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to real world problems. This effort was joined by Ayasdi co-founder Harlan Sexton.


Harlan and Gunnar First Collaborate

Gunnar Carlsson joined Harlan Sexton on a project to apply algebraic methods to parallel computation in signal processing.


The Early 70’s

Gunnar Carlsson, Harlan Sexton, and Benjamin Mann met as Ph.D. mathematics students at Stanford University...

The Next 30 Years

They conceptualized computational topology and Topological Data Analysis (TDA), which today is the foundation of Ayasdi’s technology.

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