We're excited by Ayasdi's unique capability to let users find insights automatically from large, complex data sets. Their ability to abstract away complexity thereby making powerful machine learning tools accessible to ordinary business users is particularly promising.

Ramneek Gupta
Managing Director, Citi Ventures

Ayasdi quickly lets you find the needle in a haystack you didn't know was there. For GE and our customers with vast amounts of industrial data, Ayasdi's technology will be a powerful tool for predictive analytic models that can drive billions of dollars in productivity and efficiency savings.

Jonathan Ballon
Former Chief Strategy Officer, GE

Mercy is committed to using advanced technology to transform healthcare. Working with Ayasdi, we are taking a powerful new approach to care pathways, using data as never before to deliver the transformative health experience that Mercy strives to provide every day.

Vance Moore
Senior Vice President, Operations, Mercy

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