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As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you manage increasingly complex networks that span thousands of point-of-access locations. You are constantly striving to deliver the best possible customer experience and generate more revenue. Your firms have a wealth of knowledge in the massive amounts of data streaming through your networks and gathered through millions of customer interactions. The challenge, however, lies in being able to uncover key insights from this complex data to help meet these goals.

Ayadi’s advanced analytics solution can help. It uses a new technique of topological data analysis combined with machine learning algorithms to help your firm tackle and simplify the toughest data analysis problems. By correlating and analyzing complex data sets - customer profile, location, network, device, demographic, usage, billing and social media data – Ayasdi’s solution uncovers insights hidden or previously overlooked by other analytics tools. With Ayasdi’s software, you can effectively segment your customer base, precisely target customers with the right products and services, predict and prevent customer churn, and optimize your network operations.


Customer Segmentation

Communications service providers (CSPs) are looking for ways to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ interactions across their networks.

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can help your firm precisely segment its customers by correlating and analyzing various attributes, including their location, the devices that they use, the apps that they consume, and their peak usage times. This helps your marketing team effectively manage spend to improve ROI and tailor data plans to best match your customers’ specific needs.

For example, a global CSP used Ayasdi’s analytics solution to understand how customers use its data plans. It uncovered five distinct customer segments based on data usage. This helped the marketing team simplify data plans and create offerings that addressed each segments specific requirements. The solution also identified micro-segments of customers with heavy usage patterns and correlated the types of applications that they used to their propensity to access an app via a mobile browser or the actual app itself. The additional insight enables the marketing team to refine how they deliver targeted offers to these customer sub-segments.

Personalized Marketing

CSPs are constantly evaluating ways to deliver a much more personalized experience, especially to their VIP customers and high-value corporate accounts.

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can provide your marketing team with the ability to correlate and analyze customer profile, location, network, and usage data. It helps precisely segment your customer base and provide your teams with the insight to drive personalized offers that best match a customer’s interests and profile, thereby increasing revenues. Delivery of these offers through a particular customer’s preferred channel, at the time that it is most relevant, increases the likelihood of uptake of the offer.

Churn Analysis

Predicting and preventing customer churn is a top priority for CSPs. However, most companies struggle to identify the reasons for churn.

A major CSP used Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution to examine one million customer records, including contract information, usage patterns, and demographic profiles. Ayasdi’s multi-scale segmentation capabilities helped identify a distinct sub-group of customers that were inclined to churn that could be characterized by their device and technology preferences. By more precisely defining customer segments to examine the reasons for churn, the CSP is in a better position to put steps in place to increase customer retention.

Network Optimization and Capacity Planning

CSPs are strapped with traditional network-centric service assurance solutions that do not provide adequate insight into the impact of network performance on specific customers.

By correlating and analyzing network, cell site, device, usage and customer profile data, Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can help your network operations team pinpoint and prioritize service quality alerts and issues that impact customers. It can provide your team with insights into the causes for network congestion - types of traffic or over-the-top (OTT) application use - and customers that are impacted the most. The analysis can help with network capacity optimization and identifying indicators of customer churn. Ayasdi’s analytics solution can also correlate network traffic spikes with device and application usage patterns. The uncovered insight can serve as input for dynamic bandwidth provisioning and usage-based pricing.

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