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As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you manage increasingly complex networks that span thousands of point-of-access locations. You are constantly striving to deliver the best possible customer experience and generate more revenue. Your firms have a wealth of knowledge in the massive amounts of data streaming through your networks and gathered through millions of customer interactions. The challenge, however, lies in being able to uncover key insights from this complex data to help meet these goals.

Ayadi’s advanced analytics solution can help. It uses a new technique of topological data analysis combined with machine learning algorithms to help your firm tackle and simplify the toughest data analysis problems. By correlating and analyzing complex data sets - customer profile, location, network, device, demographic, usage, billing and social media data – Ayasdi’s solution uncovers insights hidden or previously overlooked by other analytics tools. With Ayasdi’s software, you can effectively segment your customer base, precisely target customers with the right products and services, predict and prevent customer churn, and optimize your network operations.

Customer Segmentation

Effectively manage spend to improve ROI and tailor data plans to best match your customers’ specific needs.

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Personalized Marketing

Correlate and analyze customer profile, location, network, and usage data.

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Churn Analysis

Predict and prevent customer churn with Ayasdi’s multi-scale segmentation capabilities.

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Network Optimization and Capacity Planning

Pinpoint and prioritize service quality alerts and issues that impact customers.

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