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As a consumer-centric company, you manage in an extremely competitive environment. Your customers are inundated with choices that are often just a click away. Fluctuating consumer preferences and increasingly shorter sales cycles make it difficult for your sales and operations teams to effectively balance supply and demand.

To achieve and maintain competitive advantage, it is imperative that your company gain a deep understanding of its customers’ motivations and preferences.

The massive amounts of customer-related data - from weblogs, CRM systems, inventory systems, social networks, mobile devices and more – present a tremendous opportunity for firms to transform this data into insights that can help them effectively engage with and grow their customer base. That’s where Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can help.

Ayasdi’s solution accelerates the discovery of critical insights from data. It uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms and topological data analysis to surface customer intelligence that is hidden or overlooked by conventional analytic tools. Using our deep analytic techniques, your organization can effectively segment customers, engage in more targeted, personalized marketing, and streamline sales and operations.


Customer Segmentation

As consumers engage with your products, services and offers, both in-store and online, they leave behind “bread crumbs” in the form of interaction data. Ayasdi’s advanced analytics can uncover insights from this complex mesh of actual customer behavior data to help your firm engage in meaningful and dynamic segmentation.

Ayasdi’s solution analyzes a wide array of datasets, including location information, customer profile information, CRM data, and support interaction data, to provide a nuanced view of customers and their buying preferences. Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can uncover additional customer segments that represent higher profitability, thereby helping your firm prioritize service.

Additionally, by uncovering characteristics that indicate loyalty, Ayasdi’s analytics solution can help flag those customers with a propensity to churn.

By using Ayasdi’s solution for customer segmentation, your company can better position related products and services when it matters most, thereby increasing its chances of retaining and growing its customer base.

Personalized Marketing

In this era of information overload, the ideal scenario is to be able to identify a potential customer and send a personalized offer at the right moment, through the right communication channel, at just the right moment of interest. Consumer-centric firms are increasingly looking for ways to obtain a 360° view of their customers across platforms and communicate based on a customer’s geographic location, past purchase history, evolving life events and behavior.

Personalized marketing requires an intimate knowledge of your customers’ characteristics, as well as a lens to make sense of them. Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution can correlate and analyze point of sale (PoS) data, clickstream data, web logs, customer service logs, social media information, and CRM data to create an integrated view of your customer. Your marketing team can leverage these rich insights to create personalized offers. Delivery of these offers through a customer’s preferred channel, at the time that it is most relevant, increases the likelihood of uptake of the offer.

Sales and Operations Planning

Demand forecasting and planning activities are hindered by fluctuations in consumer preferences and short product lifecycles. Forecast inaccuracies can result in stock outs or excess inventory that can cost millions of dollars each year.

Developing a tight link between demand planning and supply chain execution requires a deep understanding of the sources of demand and the various factors that can impact manufacturing and delivery.

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution is designed to correlate and analyze highly complex, disparate sets of data from a wide variety of sources including CRM systems, store data, supplier information, distribution center data, and supply chain risk models to produce demand forecasts that are 15 – 30% more accurate than those produced by other approaches. A more accurate forecast of demand results in better sales and operations plans. It is estimated that companies that invest in best-in-class sales and operations planning analytics can achieve 14% higher gross margin than their competitors.

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