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Growing demand, increasing exploration costs, global competition and enhanced regulatory requirements are driving energy companies to focus on production optimization and return on investment, while managing their risk portfolios.

Your organization continues to amass vast amounts of exploration, production, and distribution data. There is a tremendous opportunity for your firms to tap into this data and uncover insights that can result in new, billion-dollar revenue streams. However, this complex data has far too many attributes for even your most capable scientists and engineers to effectively query.

Ayasdi’s solution provides your domain experts with a more accessible approach to advanced analytics. The solution combines advanced machine learning techniques with topological data analysis to automatically analyze thousands of attributes simultaneously and surface patterns from complex data. With Ayasdi’s solution, your scientists and engineers can extract insights from your data without having to know which questions to ask or write a single line of code.

Leaders in the energy sector are using Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution to optimize energy exploration and recovery, improve uptime and reduce risk through predictive maintenance, discover break-through events, improve trading performance, operationalize trader surveillance, and complement existing signal processing methods.

Unconventional Exploration & Recovery Optimization

Glean new insights from subsurface geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering production data.

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Drilling and Deepwater Exploration

Identify key factors that indicate deepwater oil reserves, which translated into significant financial savings for the company.

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Distributed Acoustic and Temperature Sensing

Analyze acoustic, temperature and seismic readings to identify a signature that represents an oil trap.

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Asset Integrity and Predictive Maintenance

Examine the various attributes that characterize equipment condition and use that information to predict when a problem is likely to occur.

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Breakthrough Event Prediction

Identify clusters of measurements leading up to, during and after the breakthrough event.

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Trading Optimization & Trader Surveillance

Uncover insights to gain a better understanding of macro-economic conditions and trends and improve trading performance.

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