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You have the opportunity to fundamentally change the way you serve your customers using the vast amounts of market and customer data at your disposal. However, as your data grows exponentially in both volume and complexity, effectively analyzing it to wield competitive advantage can prove to be extraordinarily difficult.

Ayasdi’s solution provides a new approach to analyzing and finding insights, anomalies or similarities within large sets of multi-variate data, without requiring large teams of data scientists to write queries or code algorithms. It uses a new technique of topological analysis combined with machine learning algorithms to help your firm tackle some of the toughest data problems. Using Ayasdi’s solution, banks, credit unions, capital markets and lenders can uncover previously hidden insights within their data to help drive stronger customer relationships, increase profit margins, prevent fraud, meet regulatory requirements, and mitigate risk.

Customer Intelligence

Leading financial services firms are looking for ways to precisely segment their customers to help optimize the way they deliver client services.

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Market Conditions Analysis

Institutional capital markets businesses are under constant competitive pressure to optimize costs while retaining their client base.

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Fraud Detection

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution dynamically parses fraud rules and evaluates their efficacy across a variety of models.

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Risk Management

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution helps Bank Holding Companies ensure a satisfactory outcome in stress tests.

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