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As a healthcare provider, you are inundated with data like never before – from electronic health records (EHRs) to device readouts to claim transactions.

What lies within that data has the power to cure diabetes, reduce re-admissions, enable precision medicine and dramatically reduce revenue cycle friction - transforming healthcare in the process. 

Our applications for Clinical Variation Management and Denials Reduction are complemented by detailed use cases that benefit from Ayasdi's unique approach to advanced analytics. Each of these solutions use Ayasdi's machine intelligence technology and platform to tap into patient, billing and claims data to facilitate and accelerate the transition from volume to value based care.

Check out our applications, use cases, clients and collaborators or drop us a note at info@ayasdi.com to determine how we can help you.

Clinical Pathways

Finding best practices and systematizing them across your organization can be a herculean task. Effective clinical pathways hold the promise of delivering high quality care at lower and more predictable costs.

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Denials Management

The percentage of a hospital’s claims that are “unclean” - rejected or denied – is a good indicator of the quality of its revenue cycle management.

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Patient Monitoring

Healthcare providers are increasingly looking for ways to monitor the health of their patients in outpatient settings to determine points of intervention to help reduce readmissions.

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Patient Risk Scoring

Hospital care models rely on patient risk scores to help physicians achieve the best possible outcomes while optimizing the use of scarce resources.

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Population Health Management

With the healthcare industry moving toward outcomes-based reimbursement, population health management initiatives are no longer optional.

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Readmissions Reduction

Healthcare providers are making reducing readmissions a strategic priority as they look to improve patient satisfaction and hospital ratings, avoid readmission penalties and reduce loss of revenue.

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Precision Marketing

As healthcare becomes increasingly consumer-driven, we find providers looking for better ways of understanding their patient communities to precisely target their offerings.

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Device & Drug Comparative Effectiveness

Your organizations are increasingly being tasked with examining the effectiveness of drugs, medical devices, and procedures to ensure that your patients are receiving the highest quality of care at the lowest cost.

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Precision Medicine

Advancements in patient stratification techniques can help medical researchers gain a deeper understanding of the molecular basis of diseases and further the practice of precision medicine.

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