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Regulators and empowered consumers are placing tremendous pressure on pharmaceutical companies to meet increasingly stringent drug quality and safety requirements while demonstrating the superiority of their therapies over a growing number of generic alternatives.

Your firms have a wealth of knowledge locked in the massive amounts of data gathered throughout the discovery-to-commercialization process that can help meet these demands. The challenge, however, lies in being able to uncover key insights from this complex data to help produce high quality and effective therapies faster and at lower costs.

Ayasdi Cure™ can help. It fundamentally changes the way data is analyzed and uncovers knowledge from highly complex and disparate data sets. Relying on advanced algorithms and machine learning, it can quickly discover and visualize critical intelligence that was previously hidden or overlooked. These insights can help your firms expedite biomarker discovery, prevent costly late-stage failures, detect adverse events early, and enable precision medicine.

Precision Medicine

Advance effective compounds within a fraction of the time compared with classical drug development approaches.

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Drug Target Discovery

Analyze biological pathways to identify mechanisms of action.

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Clinical Trial Analysis

Automatically segment patients by their tumor genomic profiles as well as their predisposition to respond favorably or adversely to treatment.

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Indication Discovery

Identify additional indications for approved drugs.

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Adverse Drug Events

Reduce the chances of adverse events that can potentially cost billions of dollars.

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Drug Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Automatically extract critical intelligence that can help optimize demand and inventory management.

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Comparative Effectiveness

Pinpoint patient segments with clinical outcomes that support the efficacy of a drug.

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Precision Marketing

Launch more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns while monitoring drug performance across physicians with enhanced precision.

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