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You have unprecedented and exponentially growing amounts of data at your disposal. This presents both an opportunity as well as a challenge. With the right analytical tools, data analysis offers the potential to discover critical intelligence that can help accelerate mission outcomes, and furthermore, improve the efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness of the services that your departments and agencies deliver.

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution helps government and public sector organizations rapidly uncover critical insights from their data that was previously hidden or overlooked. Based on Topological Data Analysis (TDA) technology created at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Ayasdi’s solution represents a credible, new approach to analyzing highly complex and disparate data. Government organizations use Ayasdi’s analytics solution to improve target discovery and patterns of life detection, refine models and reduce false positives, complement existing signal processing methods, and refine public health initiatives.

Target Discovery and Anomaly Detection

Increase the thoroughness with which higher value data is analyzed, thereby improving the chances of discovering targets and identifying anomalies.

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Patterns of Life Detection

Fuse and analyze highly complex sets of data to identify patterns of activities that resulted in a threat.

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Model Improvement

Provide a better understanding of weaknesses in existing models.

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Signal Processing for Threat Detection

Complement traditional signal processing tools by extracting new insights and relationships from previously analyzed data.

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Public Health Surveillance

Analyze disparate datasets from public and private sources – all in one place.

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Text Analytics and Unstructured Data Analysis

Automatically uncover insights into topics that are significant to specific subpopulations.

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