The Ayasdi Platform

Ayasdi's enterprise technology platform automates the end-to-end workflow from discovery of insights to operationalizing how data is used to solve business problems.

Utilizing Topological Data Analysis (TDA), Ayasdi unifies best-of-breed machine learning approaches into a common framework without the need to write algorithms, queries or models.

Our technology allows for data scientists, domain experts, and business people to rapidly achieve ROI with massively complex and expensive data sets.


Everyone Can Be a Data Scientist

The Ayasdi platform is built to empower an entire organization to achieve brilliance.

Employee Profiles Number of
Business Impact Ayasdi
Added Value


Deep mathematical and statistical background; programming skills, data mining experience

‹ 100

Find breakthroughs from data

Time to Insight

Unsupervised, model-free insight discovery. Find answers in complex data automatically in seconds. Focus more time on solving problems and finding breakthroughs.


Background in engineering and computer science; skilled in database queries

› 1000

Operationalize processes with data


Operationalize insights from complex data with internal systems and processes. Provide value to the business by automating workflow tied to solving expensive problems.

Business Users

Domain experts and business people who understand data

› 10,000

Make decisions
with data

Solve Problems

Utilize insights to solve complex and expensive problems. Drive immediate ROI across the entire organization and impact the business with billions in new revenues or savings.