The Ayasdi Platform™

Ayasdi's award-winning platform automates the end-to-end workflow from discovery of insights to operationalizing how data is used to solve business problems.

Utilizing Topological Data Analysis (TDA), Ayasdi unifies best-of-breed machine learning approaches into a common framework without the need to write algorithms, queries or models.

The Ayasdi Platform™ enables data scientists and domain experts to explore their data within interactive and intuitive applications, empowering any user to derive operational value from complex data.


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Fraud Detection


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Accelerate Data-to-Value

Ayasdi automates the process from data-to-value for organizations to solve their most complex and expensive problems in a cost effective and efficient manner


The Ayasdi Platform™ is flexible, and can be delivered based on an organization's requirements and needs for security, access control and collaboration across users interacting with Ayasdi.


Delivered through a multi-tenant, secure architecture, Ayasdi’s cloud version is the most popular method of deployment as it affords the fastest time to deployment without IT resources required. Utilizing a thin client that securely and automatically connects to Ayasdi’s cloud servers, it can easy to scale your organization’s data and usage requirements to support one or multiple projects across many thousands of users from data scientists to IT users to domain experts and business analysts. Like any cloud platform, upgrades get pushed automatically.


For customers whose data cannot leave their environment we support on-premise installations that fit into an organizations information architecture. Built with the same features as the Ayasdi Cloud version, the On-Premise deployment comes with pre-defined software and hardware requirements based on the number of users, projects and anticipated data volume. To ensure version compliance with Ayasdi’s latest features, product upgrades are planned and deployed at specified intervals, but data lives securely in your proprietary store.

Professional Services

Our data science and professional services team works with your organizations subject matter experts, IT resources and stakeholders to ensure long-term success with Ayasdi. This includes end-user training, customer success and adoption, data preparation and transformations, technical integration, and data science expert services where Ayasdi’s domain experts assist your organization to tackle specific projects.

Customer Support

Ayasdi provides customers with enterprise-level support agreements and 24x7 access to an Online Knowledge Center with tips, best practices and a central place to search for product and technical documentation.

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