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Ayasdi Core

Ayasdi Core is the software expression of our machine intelligence philosophy.  Blending Topological Data Analysis with advance machine learning algorithms, Ayasdi Core uncovers critical business intelligence from dynamic, large, complex datasets. 

Unique in the market, Ayasdi Core simplifies the analysis of complex data by combining Topological Data Analysis (TDA), a technique pioneered by our founders, with the latest machine learning algorithms. We call this approach machine intelligence and it starts with the data - not with an endless string of questions. Using data as the foundation, Ayasdi Core applies combinations of algorithms - from statistics, geometry and machine learning - to analyze thousands of attributes simultaneously.  

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Because of the depth and breadth of its algorithmic reach, Ayasdi Core rapidly finds and explains all the significant patterns in your data - something other approaches cannot achieve. Using the geometry of the data, Ayasdi Core creates topological summaries that reveal subtle insights, insights that remain invisible to other approaches.  

Figure 1: Mt. Sinai has uncovered sub-populations of Type II diabetes patients - once thought to be a monolithic group due to the complexity of the problem. 

It is these insights, obscured by the complexity of today's datasets that offer the solutions to profound business problems.  

Ayasdi's client's have used Core to predict program failures, to find new customers and markets, to increase uptime on mission critical machinery, to manage extraordinary regulatory challenges, to mitigate risk and to craft more effective models for fraud detection and cyber-security.  


Figure 2: One of the world's largest banks used Ayasdi Core to find critical revenue drivers across multiple capital markets businesses.  This data not only allowed them to pass the Fed's CCAR stress test but also to develop revenue forecasting models that have changed how the bank conducts its strategic planning excercises. 

Ayasdi Core sits at the center of Ayasdi's suite of products and is the only product in the market to have leveraged the power of topological data analysis.  


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Accelerate Data-to-Value with Machine Intelligence Solutions from Ayasdi Core

Ayasdi Core utilizes machine learning and topological data analysis to extract insights that are hidden by complex data sets. Ayasdi Core automates the process of algorithm selection, selecting the optimal algorithm or combination of algorithms that best express the shape of the data - providing critical insight across the entire dataset – not just the segments that are targeted by a specific analytical approach. Because Ayasdi Core can automate algorithm selection, the time to insight is dramatically reduced. With this approach, the user is presented with a portfolio of answers as opposed to starting with a mountain of questions. Once those answers have been presented, supervised analytical techniques can be applied to explore the specific insights. For organizations seeking to solve their most pressing data challenges quickly and comprehensively, Ayasdi Core offers a unique combination of algorithmic reach and time to insight.

Accelerate Data-to-Value with Machine Intelligence Solutions from Ayasdi Core

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