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Governments have a mission to protect and serve the people of their countries. Critically important is the highly sensitive and often classified data they gather, which is among the most diverse and complex in the world, and includes military, terrorism, and biological data.

With the mandate to do more with less, the public sector is under pressure to make better use of their data with the most cutting-edge technologies available. With its start inside DARPA as a research project, the Ayasdi Platform provides a credible, new approach for any public sector organization to navigate through this daunting data challenge to achieve high impact outcomes.

The technology at Ayasdi, based on topological data analysis, is one of the top 10 innovations developed at DARPA in the last decade and is the key to unlocking some of the biggest national security challenges that we face today.

Tony Tether
former DARPA Director

Avert Epidemics and Pandemics

Averting crises linked to communicable diseases and pandemics requires the ability to identify signs of impending epidemic outbreaks in order to take appropriate action. This includes characterizing differences and similarities in bacterial strains from genetic data, and in addition, exploring environmental data simultaneously to explain bacterial abundance dependencies

Download the Presentation: Determining E.Coli Relationships Based on TDA

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals are using more sophisticated and targeted attacks to steal everything from valuable intellectual property to sensitive personal and financial information. Utilizing real-time data from system logs, financial transactions, and personal data (emails, passwords) allow us to detect and monitor cyber crime activities to prevent breaches and fight this serious crime.

Predict Acts of Terrorism

Accurate and timely intelligence information is crucial to protecting national security. Every minute, the intelligence community receives huge amounts of unsystematic pieces of data from many different sources. The ability to piece data with just a few clues together rapidly could mean the difference between detecting or missing critical warning signs of a terrorist attack.

Provide Holistic Intelligence

Keeping nations and citizens from harm is a massive undertaking requiring accurate, holistic, and timely intelligence analysis. The challenge is that most data is unstructured from social media, consumer hotlines, transcripts, public emergency call data, or other sources in text form, requiring tools that can identify writing styles, themes and topics within a large text corpora.

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