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The expression “Moneyball” is used for a reason! Player management, statistical scouting, and in-game data analysis has been proven to make the difference in building winning franchises. Today, hundreds of statistics and data are gathered on players and teams from standard performance statistics to vector based analyses of player movement.

While each team or franchise in any major sports league has statisticians and data analysts on hand to track and monitor game-by-game and player-by-player statistics, with the sheer volume and frequency of data generated, traditional methods don’t scale. The Ayasdi Platform provides a new approach to help major sports teams build successful teams, manage player development, improve scouting by leveraging all of its data, as well as, publicly available data.

The work that Ayasdi has done on analyzing basketball positions is extremely innovative. Ayasdi's creative approach could unlock some of the game's deeper mysteries and help teams win more games.

Ken Pomeroy
creator of a popular college basketball website and statistical archive

Find Undiscovered Talent

Imagine mapping all players from all tiers of a sport (Rookie-ball to Majors) to better assess scouting, characterize similar playing style, or refine player development. See insights about team builds, individual statistics, injury risk and management, and offensive/defensive prowess.

Create Winning Franchises

Player positions are arbitrary and outdated. The innovation is to let player behavior, performance, and statistics define roles. Utilizing this information, coaches can build teams with complementary playing abilities, draft better talent, and enact winning strategies. At the end of the day, teams want to build winning organizations and drive revenue for the franchise.

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