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Mobile communications is at the heart of what we do every day, and growing. The vast amount of data generated from customers, networks, and operations include everything from call logs, text, device and location tracking, IP addresses, video, social networks, and more has created a data goldmine for telecom providers to mine.

As such, the availability of data to analyze is not the issue, but having the most modern, high-powered, and expansive technologies to mine lots of disparate data is. The Ayasdi Platform provides telecom providers with a new approach to process petabytes of siloed data to streamline business operations, create targeted customer segments, keep pace with competitors, and provide rich-data to value-added partners.

Streamline Business Operations

The ability to deal with a constantly changing customer base, evolving set of services and offers, and highly competitive environment is critical for telecom operators. By linking silos of disparate data such as customer billing, inventory, provisioning, and fulfillment and service management systems, telecom providers can significantly reduce their cost of operations.

Create Targeted Customer Segments

Increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and decrease attrition improves customer segmentation and optimizes upsell and cross-sell offers. Using all available data to understand what devices and services customer’s use and why, and to identify service models with high churn rates is the baseline to create more targeted offers, improve ARPU, and decrease churn.

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