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From our core technology, to our suite of intelligent applications, Symphony AyasdiAI deploys enterprise grade AI against the world's hardest challenges.

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"Intermountain has led the industry when it comes to understanding and managing clinical variation. We have been impressed by Ayasdi’s technology and are optimistic for the impact this could have on our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible."
Lee Pierce
Chief Data Officer, Intermountain Healthcare
"We're excited by Ayasdi's unique capability to let users find insights automatically from large, complex data sets. Their ability to abstract away complexity thereby making powerful machine learning tools accessible to ordinary business users is particularly promising."
Ramneek Gupta
Managing Director, Citi
"Mercy is committed to using advanced technology to transform healthcare. Working with Ayasdi, we are taking a powerful new approach to care pathways, using data as never before to deliver the transformative health experience that Mercy strives to provide every day."
Vance Moore
Senior Vice President, Operations, Mercy
"Traumatic brain injury remains a major cause of death and disability. Using Ayasdi’s solution we identified distinct groups within the patients enabling us to tailor effective treatment that increases survival rate. This is a major breakthrough in TBI diagnosis and treatment!"
Adam Ferguson
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery, UCSF Medical Center
"Ayasdi's use of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) is ground-breaking, and Ayasdi's technology makes it easy for anyone to mine and discover insights in large, multi-dimensional data sets to drive rapid innovation in clinical trials and drug discovery."
Amanda Enstrom
Research Scientist, Bavarian Nordic
"We think [artificial intelligence] in general is going to continue to make it easier for us to find fraud, waste and abuse."
Patrick Stamm 
Chief Operating Officer, Shared Services, UnitedHealthcare

What Makes Symphony AyasdiAI Different

Our award winning, enterprise-grade machine intelligence platform features an application development framework that allows our customers and partners to create intelligent applications in hours– not months.

Our solution is based on three key components:

A Machine Intelligence Platform

Unique in its ability to execute the full range of machine learning while possessing highly differentiated capabilities in unsupervised learning.

An Application Framework

Designed to facilitate the creation of robust, intelligent, contextual applications for use by domain experts
– not just data scientists.

Tried & Tested Enterprise Scalability

Our steadfast commitment to enterprise-grade scalability has made us the most deployed and most awarded enterprise AI company in the world.

The Most Awarded Company in Enterprise AI

Putting AI to Work For These Industries


Financial Services

Large, geographically diverse financial institutions have a discrete set of challenges that require a deep understanding of the landscape – from a business, regulatory and risk perspective. Our applications help to distill the complexity of these institutions and deliver business value.

Ayasdi Machine Intelligence for Healthcare



From Payer to Provider, Symphony AyasdiAI’s suite of applications are focused around two common missions – delivering better care at lower costs and streamlining the back office.
From Payer to Provider, Ayasdi’s suite of applications are focused around two common missions


Public Sector

Across intelligence, financial crimes and healthcare, the public sector is beset with challenging missions that demand new approaches. Our suite of applications is purpose built to deliver against these evolving threats and opportunities.
Public Sector

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