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Solutions for Financial

Best-in-class machine learning to capture revenue, minimize risks, and optimize operational efficiencies

See what others don’t so you can do what others can’t.

Symphony AyasdiAI solutions use groundbreaking machine learning to transform the way you spot opportunities, threats, and inefficiencies, by extracting insights from your existing data, with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and transparency.

So you can cut costs, reduce waste, capture new revenue, and avoid risk.

Financial Services

Symphony AyasdiAI’s powerful applications use existing data sources to detect detailed patterns and generate advanced insights.

Financial institutions depend on Symphony AyasdiAI’s state-of-the-art machine learning to identify money laundering, detect mortgage fraud, maximize liquidity, understand customer behavior and predict customer churn. With Ayasdi AML, banks are cutting false positives by more than 20%, reducing investigation efforts, and savings tens of millions of dollars a year.  

For the first time, financial institutions can address events as they’re happening—across the business and in every detail.

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Healthcare is undergoing a transformation. Federal mandates combined with consumer demands are changing the way healthcare is delivered, consumed, and reimbursed. The implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) and wearables create a tremendous amount of data that can fuel initiatives to provide better care while reducing hospital costs. Symphony AyasdiAI uses the insights from data to deliver orders of magnitude improvements in clinical variation, population health, denials management, and fraud, waste, and abuse.

Public Sector

Symphony Ayasdi has its roots as a DARPA-funded project, and has evolved to support a wide array of public sector AI applications including program management, predictive maintenance, intelligence, and healthcare. The benefits of AI in the public sector are estimated to potentially exceed $350 billion in use cases such as citizen services, infrastructure planning and maintenance, or fraud and risk management.

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