Applications Overview

The Building Blocks of Intelligence

Applications offer the context required to address specific business challenges, often in great detail. They combine enterprise-class intelligence with industry-specific customization that are ready to move into production and deliver value immediately. Using Ayasdi’s Envision application development framework, customers, clients, and partners can rapidly construct powerful applications that serve broad swaths of the organization.

Anti-Money Laundering

Find subtle patterns hidden across multiple data types, including unlabeled data to significantly reduce false positives without increasing the risk profile.

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Clinical Variation Management

Understanding and managing clinical variation is foundational for any effort to deliver better care at lower cost.

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Regulatory Risk

The defining feature in building regulatory risk models isn’t speed or even accuracy - it is transparency. Find out how to have all three.

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Develop a deeper understanding of complex denial groups to address the persistent challenges associated with denied healthcare claims.

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Population Health

What is profit today may very well be cost in the future making the prediction of population health one of the most critical capabilities in healthcare.

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Counter Fraud

Fraud evolves and so should systems designed to detect it. Find and understand new types of provider, lab and patient fraud.

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Program Performance Intelligence

Program Performance depends on the ability to see into the future allowing for interdiction and remediation.

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