It's Time to Rethink AML

Cut False Positives by 20% with Ayasdi AML

Financial crime is exploding, but 99% of it goes unchecked. Transactions are ballooning, and 98% of investigations are dead ends. You invest 20% more to fix it, but the regulators get tougher every year.

Ayasdi AML addresses these challenges. It makes your alerts more accurate and false positives more rare. It gives your investigators valuable context, so that they can focus on what matters most: genuinely suspicious behavior.


Customer Success

Global bank reduces false positives by 20% 

A top 10 global bank implemented Ayasdi AML to work with the bank’s existing TMS and improve the results of existing AML systems. Ayasdi AML reduced false positives by more than 20% without missing a single SAR.

Introducing Ayasdi AML

Symphony AyasdiAI deploys the world’s most sophisticated machine learning technology to supercharge your detection systems and processes. Ayasdi AML gets more out of your existing data, to help you slash false positives, discover new anomalies, and control soaring costs. 

Intelligent Segmentation

Intelligent segmentation is the crucial first step for a Transaction Monitoring System (TMS) to accurately detect suspicious events. Ayasdi AML’s auto feature engineering identifies attributes within data that contain signals and derives new attributes that accelerate and enhance its segmentation. 

Ayasdi AML ingests the greatest volume and variety of data available—about customers and transactions—and then applies objective machine learning to create the most refined and up-to-date segments possible. The crucial difference is that Ayasdi AML assigns—and reassigns—customers to segments based on their actual behavior, revealed in their real transactions and true inter-relationships, over time. 

Behavioral Insights

By analyzing customer transactions on a daily basis, Ayasdi AML automatically lists customers showing a significant change in behavior over time. This gives an investigator the ability to understand multiple viewpoints and flag deviations deemed significant:

  • The customer’s behavior deviation over time based on specified thresholds
  • The changes in a customer’s behavior compared to their peers in their segment
  • The movement of a customer to a different segment and the reason for it
  • The deviation in customer behavior compared to the information provided during KYC

Advanced Event Triage

Ayasdi AML surfaces far fewer—and far more valuable—events for your investigators to consider. That’s because our machine learning algorithms get continuously smarter with inputs from your subject matter experts about which patterns matter most. Investigators can quickly classify events as alerts or dismiss them requiring no further action.

With these capabilities come clear and comprehensible context so investigators can quickly and effectively inspect an alert and pass SARs to regulators. The system provides clear documentation in the form of an audit trail of why a customer’s behavior qualifies as suspicious so investigator’s decision is based on facts and defensible in the long run.