Healthcare Reform Puts the Spotlight on High-Quality Care

As the healthcare industry transitions from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value payment model, providers are increasingly taking on the financial risk of poor patient outcomes and are incented to deliver higher quality care at lower costs. Programs like the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative reward care quality instead of quantity. Healthcare providers are under immense pressure to identify and enforce best practices that efficiently deliver high-quality care across an entire patient episode.

Ayasdi for Clinical Variation Management

Ayasdi for Clinical Variation Management is a purpose-built software application that lets your hospital achieve the following:

Automate the discovery of clinical best practices – from your own data

Ayasdi for Clinical Variation Management draws on the power of machine intelligence to rapidly analyze all your electronic medical record (EMR) and financial data, representing thousands of patient procedures and millions of individual events. It automatically surfaces groups of similar patient procedures and generates clinical pathways that result in the best patient outcomes at the lowest costs for your local patient population.

Capture all prevailing practices – both good and bad

The Ayasdi application comprehensively analyzes your hospital’s data and captures all clinical variation – both good and bad. It reflects the collective experience and expertise of your own physicians and ensures that you do not miss out on good variations that result in better patient outcomes.

Quantitatively compare the sources and impact of all variations

Ayasdi for Clinical Variation Management provides a way to objectively compare the costs and impact of all variations in care delivery. It lets you precisely pinpoint the treatments, nursing orders, patient comorbidities, prescriptions and even the equipment that were the biggest contributors to variations in cost and patient outcomes. You can even model the impact of changes to a care path.

Measure physician adoption and adherence to pathways

The Ayasdi application provides you with intuitive dashboards that let you objectively monitor adoption and adherence to standardized clinical pathways. The adherence analytics allow you to engage in data-driven conversations about care variation, capture the collective voice of your physician community, and continuously gather feedback to improve existing clinical pathways.

The Data Complexity Problem in Care Pathway Development

The future of healthcare lies within our data. In this video, we see how one hospital embraced complexity to deliver better care at lower costs and to develop a deeper understanding of the variation that existed inside their system.


Data-driven pathways that drive optimal outcomes improve patient satisfaction.

Care Delivery

Clinical pathway development and transformation teams benefit from being able to rapidly generate care process models. Because these pathways are developed using your own data, they are more likely to be adopted and adhered to.


Investments in innovative technology only make sense if the returns exceed other potential uses of that capital. Mercy, a major healthcare provider, is on track to save $50 million in direct variable costs in a three-year period by eliminating wasteful variations in care. The physician adherence dashboard provides you with the ability to monitor adoption and engage in objective, data-driven conversations around the reasons for care variation.

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Getting Started

Ayasdi’s Clinical Variation Management application is designed for large hospitals who have completed their deployment of an EHR system. Ayasdi is able to ingest data from a number of EHR and billing systems and can output pathways as order sets to the same. To learn more about how we implement these pathways, schedule a conversation with us.

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