Peer Over the Horizon

See into the future to identify and manage program risk

In any large organization, program represent the operational instantiation of strategy. They embody an organization’s goals, its aspirations and its most mission critical initiatives. Despite the importance of programs, program management remains archaic and the ability to predict program performance has remained elusive.

Until now.

Advancements in machine intelligence have changed what we can extract from the mountains of unstructured and structured data that our programs create. New unsupervised learning techniques, when combined with more traditional supervised learning, provide a window into the future. Now organizations can understand which programs are likely to run into trouble, as much as six months before they do. More importantly, they will know exactly why those programs will encounter difficulty – facilitating interdiction and remediation.

Welcome to the world of intelligent program management.


One of the elements that make the prediction of program performance so difficult is that the number of factors influencing that performance is so vast. Further, the interaction of those factors creates additional complexity that confound traditional approaches. Unsupervised learning techniques like segmentation, anomaly detection and hotspot analysis accelerate the understanding of key features without the need to construct hypotheses manually. The result is a far superior understanding of the interactions in the data – and better prediction.


Ultimately, the goal is to understand the trajectory of a program well before it manifests itself as yellow or red. The ability to predict accurately depends on the ability to execute the discover step. Working together, one predicts program performance with exceptional accuracy, up to six months ahead of other techniques – providing ample time to remediate.


Understanding what is going to happen is important. Understanding why something is going to happen is far superior. Symphony AyasdiAI’s unique, differentiated technology, provides the reasoning behind its predictions in a simple to understand terms – facilitating interdiction.


Programs are everywhere in an organization. From a department-wide Windows upgrade to trillion dollar jet-fighters, programs define the modern organization. Creating an application that can be consumed by those closest to the field is imperative. As a result, Symphony AyasdiAI is focused on applications. These UX friendly web-based applications enable a program management office to interact with powerful, complex data science constructs without having to understand the underlying math – but with the ability to understand the outputs.


Symphony AyasdiAI’s Program Performance Intelligence solution is constantly looking at newly arriving data, identifying changing patterns. Some of those patterns may be specific to a program, whereas others will be symptomatic of larger changes in the business or regulatory environment. As a result, subtle patterns suggesting emergent behavior is constantly identified and presented for the subject matter experts to consider.