In their own words…Dr. Todd Stewart on enterprise grade AI for healthcare

While we continually evangelize the importance of enterprise grade artificial intelligence to the healthcare industry (providers and payers alike) – most observers would rather hear from the client themselves. During HIMSS17, Dr. Todd Stewart of Mercy Healthcare sat down with the HIMSS TV team to talk about the emerging role of artificial intelligence in healthcare.  In this highly accessible five minute clip, Dr. Stewart covers a surprising amount of ground, advocating for the use of machine intelligence to find patterns in the complexity of medical data, talking about using existing data to craft new evidence based carepaths and the challenges of operationalizing these solutions.

Along the way, Dr. Stewart has some very nice things to say about us, our three-plus year relationship and how “clear, deep expertise” will overcome buzzword bingo when it comes to discerning what is real and what is not in the overhyped AI space.



View the original here: Artificial intelligence transforming healthcare at Mercy