The Rise of the Brilliant Enterprise

Today, every business is generating — and attempting to leverage — massive amounts of complex data which is why discussions about “Big Data” seem to be everywhere. Companies and research organizations understand that valuable insights hidden in their data can unlock new efficiencies, revenue opportunities, or even life-altering breakthroughs.

The main challenge today is finding them — and finding them quickly — to solve difficult and expensive problems. Forward thinking enterprises know that discovering insights is just the beginning. It’s also about rapidly transforming these insights into action so they have a meaningful impact. Pairing rapid insight discovery with operations will drive the big change using “Big Data” that we all dream of. This is the advent of the Brilliant Enterprise.

What is a Brilliant Enterprise?

Brilliant Enterprises are the next generation of enterprises that will accelerate and operationalize data into value in order to drive innovation, build better products, save lives, and make a lasting impact on society.

Most enterprises today find it extremely difficult to efficiently operationalize data for many reasons. Either the average business user is not equipped with the knowledge to extract insights from vast amounts of data or the data scientist team doesn’t have the time or resources to attack every dataset generated. As an organization’s data collection and storage continues to grow exponentially, this creates quite a predicament as current data workers become more limited in their ability to extract value from their data. In the new era of the Brilliant Enterprise, this will all change.  

Technologies that are specifically built for Brilliant Enterprises will empower all individuals in the organization to take advantage of their data and generate, validate, and deploy models to drive positive change. These technologies have a powerful effect of turning business people into functional data scientists and amplifying the output of the core data science team. In this emerging model, employees will find new ways to discover insights that lead to breakthroughs and enterprises will realize efficiencies from all of their past, current, and future data. And, the time that it takes to find and automate these insights will shorten from years to months — or even days.

How will Ayasdi fuel the Brilliant Enterprise?

Our mission is to transform how the world uses data to solve complex problems. This effort was started more than a decade ago as a research project funded by Stanford, DARPA, and NSF. The goal was to bring forward an alternative to traditional query-based approaches. With our recent series B funding of $30.6M from IVP, Citi Ventures, GE Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and FLOODGATE, we are excited to continue advancing our machine learning and Topological Data Analysis (TDA) techniques, accelerate the development of our Insight Discovery platform, and power Brilliant Enterprises around the globe.

In many ways, the real promise of “Big Data” is about how well organizations utilize data to help make the world a healthier, safer, and more prosperous place. That’s the essence of a Brilliant Enterprise and the entire team at Ayasdi is committed to help make that dream a reality.