Combinatorial Complexity in Healthcare

Complexity is the issue at hand for Healthcare – whether you are a payer or a provider.  This was on full display at HiMSS15 in Chicago where the companies distilling the complexity got the most attention – which is notable given that 85% of the show seemed to be dedicated to simply gathering data. 

We highlighted the challenges associated with complexity at our private dinner conversation featuring Vance Moore of Mercy, Patrick Stamm of UHC and Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures. 

Before that, however, Patrick Stamm, the SVP of Payment Integrity at UHC sat down with Gurjeet and Jennifer Esposito of Intel for an extraordinary conversation. 

The interview is below and covers everything from the state of the payer-provider arms race (think fraud, waste and abuse as well as denials) to how wearables and third party data will complicate but enhance healthcare and how patients should have a say in costs.