A Pretty Good Month

It has been a pretty good month for those who share our passion for clinical variation management and all things Ayasdi with awards, wins and recognition coming in from across the industry.

First, the news associated with our successful deployment at Flagler Hospital has reverberated throughout the industry, resulting in press coverage ranging from Healthcare Informatics to SearchHealthIT.

For those who are interested in hearing the story firsthand, Flagler’s CMIO did an entire webinar on the initiative. While the pneumonia results ($1,350 savings, 2.5 day LOS reduction, 7X readmission reduction) are the headlines, the fact that they are achieving these results without a single data scientist underscores the applicability of the application.

Second, we took the application on the road to the Accenture HealthTech Challenge where an esteemed panel of over thirty judges from providers to payers to lifesciences chose our solution as a global finalist – putting us through to San Francisco where we will compete against nine other companies from EMEA and APAC. Given the competition started with over 1,200 entries – we are humbled and flattered. Helping us to get to the finals was the fact that Clinical Variation Management is a $2T market opportunity and we have the best product ever made to address it. Interested in the deck we used? We posted it here.

Finally, our CVM application just took home Fierce Healthcare’s Innovation Award for the Clinical Variation Management application. The award was for the data analytics/business intelligence category and speaks to the power and usability of the application. In a nice bonus, we also won the Fiercest Cost Savings Award – speaking to our ability to carve billions out of the healthcare system while simultaneously improving patient outcomes.

To top it all off, we were also named one of the top five AI Platform Innovators by IDC. This award, selected by uber-analyst Dave Schubmehl referenced our unique technology and our application orientation.

This recognition isn’t the effort of marketing – it is the effort of engineers, product managers, data scientists and domain experts. They are the ones crafting the product into something that wins in the market and wins with those in the know. While we do it because we are passionate – a little recognition never hurt….