Machine Learning Algorithms and Topological Data Analysis | Ayasdi Core

Recorded in February 2014


Machine learning is a collection of techniques for understanding data, including methods for visualization, prediction, classification and other tasks relevant to data analysis. However, as data continues to grow in size and dimensionality, making sense of the outputs of machine learning algorithms becomes extremely difficult without having to trim down the size of the data set.

During the webinar Alexis Johnson will discuss how Topological Data Analysis provides a framework for characterizing shape in complex data. This shape can be used to study the underlying structure of the data, identify sub-populations, and statistically explore their distinguishing characteristics.

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Alexis received her Masters Degree in Astronomy from Boston University. She spent five years with the Boston University Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory (BU-FCRAO) Galactic Ring Survey studying turbulent structure in molecular clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy. She lives for the days the Boston Red Sox play in Oakland, and revels in her western wine country relocation.

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