Social Media Intelligence & Population Segmentation | Campaign Planning | Ayasdi

Recorded in April 2014


It is becoming increasingly difficult to leverage new kinds of social data to accurately segment populations. This capability is key in devising marketing campaigns to target specific potential users.

During this webinar, Senior Solution Analyst Alexis Johnson will discuss how Ayasdi's technology can be leveraged to segment populations based on sentiment quickly and efficiently. She will walk through an analysis done on data collected recently around the New Jersey bridge closures and related news coverage. The analysis revealed some surprising conversations not only about Chris Christie and his political ambitions, but also about other political figures, Hillary Clinton among them, and thoughts on larger political races and ideas. One could use this kind of analysis to segment relevant populations and inform more effective campaigns.

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Alexis received her Masters Degree in Astronomy from Boston University. She spent five years with the Boston University Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory (BU-FCRAO) Galactic Ring Survey studying turbulent structure in molecular clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy. She lives for the days the Boston Red Sox play in Oakland, and revels in her western wine country relocation.

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