Enterprise AI


Finally, the business value promised by enterprise AI using a unique combination of powerful, enterprise grade innovations to automatically discover and explain behaviors that have been so elusive in the past.

Built using the world’s most powerful AI platform

Enterprise Scale

AI that works outside the lab, that scales in production to discover risk and opportunities in hundreds of billions of transactions, trades, customers, events, and more.

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Find hidden value in weak signals, obscure activities, and subtle events in large multi-dimensional data, structured and unstructured, labeled and unlabeled.

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Systems of Intelligence Creation

Quickly and seamlessly build enterprise-scale intelligence applications or integrate with your existing ML and BI tools with off-the-shelf contextual connectors.

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Advanced AI

Leverage multiple mathematical science breakthroughs, integrating semi, super and unsupervised AI in a unique discovery and innovation platform.

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Fully explainable results with regulator quality reporting, validation, and auditability. Recognized around the world for being the most comprehensible AI system available.

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A force multiplier for competitiveness, operational productivity, and creating an intelligent enterprise. You’re simply not as smart without Symphony AyasdiAI.

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State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence

A common challenge is “We have all this data, but how do we extract any business value from it?” Traditional techniques and applications demand a clearly defined problem, a thorough understanding of available data, and reference history or labels. In the real world, this data is often messy, incomplete, misunderstood, and rarely readily digestible. AyasdiAI’s state-of-the-art capabilities maximizes the “yield” of risk and competitive information from high-dimensional, heterogeneous and noisy real-world data.

Market-Leading Unsupervised AI

AyasdiAI is the only enterprise AI company that offers sophisticated capabilities across a broad spectrum of un-, semi and fully supervised intelligence. Our solution is enterprise-proven and focused at discovering risk, opportunity and competitive value in your existing high-dimensional, incomplete, and noisy data. The result is a transformation in transparency, at an exceptionally low cost.

Combining Innovation with Collaboration

Seamlessly combine and leverage unsupervised learning with semi, fully supervised and statistical analysis methods. Achieve a collaborative, not competitive, alignment with internal teams through smooth integration. Your organization will experience a significant multiplier effect in the leverage of the entire data science function.

World Leading AI Innovation

With 44 patents, our approach uses a broad range of unique machine learning, statistical, and geometric algorithms, dynamically choosing and synthesizing them according to the business problem. These are focused at finding subtle patterns and insights, even the weakest signals that are often key indicators of competitive opportunity, risk, and malignancy.

Accelerate Time to Value

Traditional BI and current machine learning applications demand rigid data requirements, often consuming over 80% of the project time and cost. With AyasdiAI, the data model is “discovered” rather than imposed. The result is a true, real, unbiased data understanding that reflects exactly your firm’s operating, market and customer environment, delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of any alternative.

World’s Most Advanced Technology

Built on innovations developed over more than a decade of research in collaboration with the top global enterprises, agencies and universities. Our customers leverage patented technology to vastly improve performance, accelerate development, and most importantly, provide true transparency and explainability.


AyasdiAI is a trusted partner with the expertise to embed AI capabilities successfully within an enterprise.


Solutions that are enterprise-ready, tried and tested in the most regulated industries like finance, government, and healthcare.


We have a track record of generating phenomenal results that achieve ROI for our customers in months not years.


Explainable AI

AyasdiAI stands alone in providing AI that is fully interpretable. Explainability is … MORE


Real-world data often comes at enormous volume and high dimensionality. AyasdiAI makes this difficult challenge uniquely feasible … MORE

Error Aware and Future Proof

Visualize an entire dataset while keeping all relevant characteristics of the data. The “shape” of the data can validate model predictions… MORE

Enterprise-Scale Data Volume

Manage the complexities and scale of virtually any data store with ease, performing equally well with hundreds of concurrent users, across hundreds of node clusters, and handling real-time data as a deployable microservice. MORE

Rapid Application Development

The AyasdiAI platform super-charges your business analyst, data science and developer’s enterprise contribution. Integrating data… MORE

Rapid Time to Discovery

The AyasdiAI platform leverages a unique combination of multiple mathematical, architectural and machine learning breakthroughs.  Add any new data… MORE


We’re different


A breakthrough in value and risk discovery. Quickly and continuously uncover competitive and profit opportunity, previously unknown risks and attacks, and finally move AI from the lab to production, to drive shareholder value.


A Top 10 DARPA innovation, with 44 patents and $100 million in R&D innovation, all delivering now the most powerful enterprise-class AI platform in existence.


Real, ready, and resilient. Data agnostic, enterprise-scale, Defense Department secure, and fully explainable AI.