Enterprise AI


Finally, the business value promised by enterprise AI. Symphony AyasdiAI uses a unique combination of topological data analysis, machine learning, and statistical and geometric algorithms to automatically discover behaviors that have been so elusive in the past. All with exceptional explainability and justification for confidence in highly regulated markets. All the technical requirements – on-premise, on any cloud, on day one.

Built using the world’s most powerful AI platform

Enterprise Scale

Symphony AyasdiAI has invested significant resources to deliver enterprise-scale workload management to ensure that math scales with the size of the challenge, integrate with existing infrastructure, and supports applications to facilitate collaboration.

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Find weak signals, hidden activities, and events in large multi-dimensional data, structured and unstructured and text, time series and any unlabeled data from any number of sources.

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Application Framework

Quickly and seamlessly build enterprise-scale intelligence applications, or integrate with your existing MLA and BI tools with off-the-shelf contextual APIs

Topological Data Analysis

Leverage the TDA breakthrough in mathematical science that integrates supervised and unsupervised learning, to obtain unique, powerful, and granular insights and discover hidden behaviors in complex data—even messy, poor quality data.

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Achieve fully explainable results with regulator-quality reporting, validation, and auditability. Recognized by governments and organizations around the world for being the only transparent, fully explainable AI system commercially available.

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A force multiplier for competitiveness, operational productivity, and creating an intelligent enterprise. You’re simply not as smart without Symphony AyasdiAI.

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State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence

A common challenge is how to discover the unlocked potential of a company’s enterprise data. A frequent question being “We have all this data. How do we find out if we can extract any business value from it?” With traditional supervised machine learning deployments, companies must already have a clearly defined problem, a thorough understanding of the available data, and significant outcome history or labels. In the real world, data is often messy, incomplete, not well understood, and rarely readily digestible by supervised machine learning algorithms. Symphony AyasdiAI’s state-of-the-art and market-leading capabilities in unsupervised learning help companies discover the potential and value of high-dimensional, heterogeneous data. Symphony AyasdiAI’s unsupervised learning capabilities overcome the limitations of supervised machine learning with its ability to provide new insights to the enterprise from unlabeled, noisy real-world data.

Market-Leading Unsupervised AI

Symphony AyasdiAI is the only enterprise AI company that offers sophisticated capabilities in topological data analysis (TDA) as part of a suite of products that include both bleeding edge supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Unlike open-source solutions, Symphony AyasdiAI’s TDA modeling features are enterprise-grade, performant, and scalable to enable companies to discover and capitalize on new possibilities with their data. TDA provides a framework to analyze and discover the unknown in high-dimensional, incomplete, and noisy data in both a supervised and unsupervised manner. Companies can then operationalize these newly discovered insights into business applications on Symphony AyasdiAI’s platform that fully capitalize on their value.

Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning

While the Symphony AyasdiAI platform uniquely excels in enterprise-grade unsupervised learning algorithms and TDA, it also has an extensive offering of supervised machine learning and statistical analysis product features. This unique value proposition is the platform’s ability to seamlessly combine unsupervised learning methods with supervised machine learning and statistical analysis methods to significantly amplify predictive power. Symphony AyasdiAI’s intuitive Python SDK allows for smooth integration and adoption with existing data science tooling to allow your data science teams to continue using the tools they know and love.

Topological Data Analysis

The mathematical discipline of topology is the study of the shape of data. TDA is the adaptation of this discipline to analyze highly complex data, drawing on the philosophy that all data has an underlying shape, and that shape has meaning. With 44 patents, our approach to TDA draws on a broad range of machine learning, statistical, and geometric algorithms, synthesizing them according to the data set. TDA reduces the possibility of missing critical insights by reducing the dependency on machine learning experts choosing the right algorithms. The platform uses a unique combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques as input to find subtle patterns and insights, finding even the weakest signals in data, no matter where they are. Such weak signals are often key indicators of competitive opportunity, risk, and malignancy within the operating model.

Accelerate Time to Value

Traditional BI, current machine learning, and all applications demand rigid data management components in development and deployment, often taking up over 80% of the project time and cost. With Symphony AyasdiAI, the operational data model is “discovered” –as a real reflection of the truth within your data–not some abstract data model imposed. As part of the deployment, you’ll find what your data has to tell you, and how your company is really operating. The result? True, real data mapping, a data model that reflects exactly your firm’s operating, market, customer environment, and a time to value discovery at a fraction of the time and cost of anything else.

World’s Most Advanced Technology

Symphony AysadiAI holds over 44 AI patents that provide a technical edge compared to other platforms heavily dependent on open source solutions. The superior Symphony AyasdiAI approach to AI was developed over a decade of research in collaboration with the top US and European universities. The Symphony AysadiAI platform allows customers to use patented technology to vastly improve performance, speed-up development, and most importantly, provide transparency and explainability in their AI deployments.


Symphony AyasdiAI is a trusted partner with the expertise to embed AI capabilities successfully within an enterprise.


Solutions that are enterprise-ready, tried and tested in the most regulated industries like finance, government, and healthcare.


We have a track record of generating phenomenal results that achieve ROI for our customers in months not years.


The Symphony AyasdiAI platform uses Apache Hadoop and Spark to analyze enterprise-scale data to generate machine learning optimized features. The platform supports customer data from enterprise data stores, including relational databases… MORE


Explainable AI

Symphony AyasdiAI stands alone in providing AI solutions techniques that make machine learning models and their decisions interpretable, in contrast with “black box” machine learning methods. Explainability is… MORE


Real-world data often comes at enormous volume and high dimensionality. In order to derive concrete insights, the sheer volume of this data often requires statistical methods such as data sampling to render the data… MORE

Error Aware

Data scientists can use Symphony AyasdiAI’s TDA to visualize an entire dataset while keeping all relevant characteristics of the data. The “shape” of the data can help validate AI model predictions… MORE

Enterprise-Scale Data Volume

Enterprise AI solutions require handling vast amounts of multi-dimensional data from diverse sources. Our platform deals with the complexities and scale of virtually any data store with ease, performing equally well with hundreds of concurrent users, across hundreds of node clusters, and handling real-time data as a deployable microservice… More

Rapid Application Development

With the Symphony AyasdiAI platform, developers can speed through the development lifecycle of a deployable AI application, where all it’s component aspects such as integrating with existing data, applying repeatable modeling processes, creating appropriate user interfaces, setting up and integrating with enterprise-level authentication… More

Rapid Time to Discovery

The Symphony AyasdiAI platform leverages TDA under the hood and exposes its discoveries rapidly through the application of unsupervised learning and machine learning algorithms. Add any new data and within a matter of minutes, insights, patterns, and testable hypotheses, along with their statistical significance begin to appear… More


We’re different


A breakthrough in value and risk discovery. Quickly and continuously uncover competitive and profit opportunity, previously unknown risks and attacks, and finally move AI from the lab to production, to drive shareholder value.


A Top 10 DARPA innovation, with 44 patents and $100 million in R&D innovation, all delivering now the most powerful enterprise-class AI platform in existence.


Real, ready, and resilient. Data agnostic, enterprise-scale, Defense Department secure, and fully explainable AI.