Symphony AyasdiAI solutions have tackled the world’s most complex and diverse problems with industry-leading accuracy and results. Only Symphony AyasdiAI offers purpose-built solutions powered by the unique combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning at an enterprise scale.

Financial Services

Symphony AyasdiAI solutions power and protect financial services companies across the world. From risk to revenue, retention to regulation, and threat to opportunity, Symphony AyasdiAI drives discovery, alerting, and insight across your geographies, lines of business, products, customers, and prospects.


Clinical variation contributes to 30% of wasted resources in clinical practice. This waste can be managed by standardizing clinical pathways for various treatments with the best, most efficient care. How do you pick the best care path and implement it across your hospital? Use Symphony AyasdiAI for clinical variation management. See it in action at the link below.

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Programs are the operational arm of the government that helps it run various projects at the same time. Considerable technology exists for the creation of programs but none for predicting a program’s future health. Symphony AyasdiAI Program Performance Intelligence predicts a program’s health six months in advance, so managers can make timely changes to ensure optimal operations.

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We’re different


A breakthrough in value and risk discovery. Quickly and continuously uncover competitive and profit opportunity, previously unknown risks and attacks, and finally move AI from the lab to production, to drive shareholder value.


A Top 10 DARPA innovation, with 44 patents and $100 million in R&D innovation, all delivering now the most powerful enterprise-class AI platform in existence.


Real, ready, and resilient. Data agnostic, enterprise-scale, Defense Department secure, and fully explainable AI.