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The inevitable move towards value based medicine, plus the implications of Affordable Care Act are driving healthcare payers into existential crisis mode, with more pressure than ever to control costs and manage profitability while at the same time improving population health and increasing member satisfaction. 

At the same time, you are collecting vast volumes of clinical, claims, member behavioral and sentiment, and research data.  Your opportunity is to use your own unique big data to help control your costs, optimize your plans, improve quality of patient care and increase population health.

Leading healthcare payers around the world are using Ayasdi's machine intelligence platform to turn their big data into a strategic asset. They have deployed Ayasdi for a broad range of intelligent applications - from increasing revenue performance to improving fraud detection to reducing clinical variation to driving member satisfaction, loyalty, and health.

Read on to understand more about how leading healthcare payers are driving breakthrough success with machine intelligence.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection

Machine intelligence helps uncover new patterns of aberrant behavior to allow payers to quickly improve fraud detection models and adapt to changing fraud techniques.

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Member Segmentation and Retention

Healthcare providers are increasingly looking for ways to monitor the health of their patients in outpatient settings to determine points of intervention to help reduce readmissions.

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Precision Marketing

Hospital care models rely on patient risk scores to help physicians achieve the best possible outcomes while optimizing the use of scarce resources.

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Population Health Management

With the healthcare industry moving toward outcomes-based reimbursement, population health management initiatives are no longer optional.

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Provider Network Management

Advanced analytics help payers design and shape provider networks to optimize quality, outcomes, collaboration and cost.

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