Value-based care has transformed the practice and compensation of healthcare in the United States. Once outdated and obsolete systems of payers and providers have become sophisticated enterprises for patient data and its implication on care and management. Healthcare providers realize the power data has to cure diseases, reduce readmissions, enable precision medicine, improve population health, detect fraud, and reduce waste. Yet the complexities and volume of healthcare data is compounded by the need to design solutions for doctors, nurses, and investigators as users, and not just data scientists.  Symphony AyasdiAI’s suite of intelligent and powerful healthcare solutions solves these mission-critical challenges through intuitive interfaces designed for clinical staff – each drawing on the most potent and differentiated AI platform in production.


Rapidly analyze all your electronic medical records (EMR) and financial data, representing thousands of patient procedures, millions of individual events, and financial records using supervised and unsupervised machine learning in a fraction of the time.


Powerful prediction draws on powerful AI platforms, allowing healthcare organizations to accurately predict the quality and cost of desired treatment. Discover trends and better outcomes of care for your patients so you can provide the best healthcare possible.


Symphony AyasdiAI is integrated with EMR systems to facilitate the rapid deployment of intelligence across the organization. Symphony AyasdiAI healthcare solutions provide intuitive dashboards that let you distribute insights across the workforce for better adherence.


Clinical Variation Management

Denials Management

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Management


Enterprise Scale

AI that works outside the lab. Be comfortable discovering risk and opportunities in billions of transactions, trades, customers, events and other data points. 


Find weak signals, hidden activities, and events in large multi-dimensional data, structured and unstructured and text, time series and any unlabeled data from any number of sources.

Application Framework

Integrate with your existing MLA and BI tools with contextual APIs available off the shelf.

Topological Data Analysis

A breakthrough in mathematical science integrating the value of supervised and unsupervised learning, – unique, powerful and granular in discovering hidden behaviors in complex data, even dirty, poor quality data.


Fully explainable results with regulator quality reporting, validation and auditability.


A force multiplier for competitiveness, operational productivity and creating the intelligent enterprise. Your simply not as smart without Ayasdi.

We’re different


A breakthrough in value and risk discovery. Quickly and continuously uncover competitive and profit opportunity, previously unknown risks and attacks, and finally move AI from the lab to production, to drive shareholder value.


A Top 10 DARPA innovation, with 44 patents and $100 million in R&D innovation, all delivering now the most powerful enterprise-class AI platform in existence.


Real, ready, and resilient. Data agnostic, enterprise-scale, Defense Department secure, and fully explainable AI.