Enterprise AI Goes to Market Through Applications

Applications matter because they connect business users with their data in ways that amplify knowledge, facilitate action, deepen understanding and build trust.

Every application will eventually be intelligent.

Intelligent applications encapsulate powerful machine learning workflows. From unsupervised tasks like segmentation or anomaly detection through to supervised execution of linear models – applications provide an interface to business users that provide the necessary elements to completely understand the actions of the model or algorithm without having to understand its inner workings.

Our capacity to provide both transparency and explanatory power is unique in the market.

Intelligent applications encode certain user interaction design patterns that are common across several business problems.

We have spent significant resources honing our application strategy – from the design patterns to our Envision framework for application development. Come build with us.


Group Centricity is a pattern that gives users the ability to interact with information through arbitrary groups of data that are easily explainable, allowing for focused and justifiable actions to take place without information overload.

The visualization and interaction pattern of Anomaly Detection allows for the discovery of statistically different data points that can be easily prioritized for inspection.

There is great complexity associated with discovering meaningful relationships in event series. This challenge is compounded where there are multiple events that evolve over time. In these cases, the user needs to determine which events are over or under-represented in the groups. Further, are those events/groups biased towards certain outcomes? Symphony AyasdiAI’s ability to extract meaningful patterns and find consensus event series based on groups of incidents ensures that subject matter experts can appropriately action this knowledge.