A Different Signal for a Different World

Symphony AyasdiAI’s public sector roots run deep. DARPA funded the initial research into Topological Data Analysis and strongly encouraged the commercialization of that technology based on their assessment that it was one of the ten best investments ever made by the organization.

Symphony AyasdiAI responded by applying its technology to a number of key initiatives in the Intelligence Community, defense community and public health community – using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create solutions to address complex, multi-dimensional data challenges.

Symphony AyasdiAI is focused on solving these mission-critical challenges through intelligent applications.

See our relevant public sector solutions below and drill down for additional information.

Please keep in mind that this list does not represent a catalog of our public sector work, only applications that are publicly available. Our powerful Envision application framework enables our commercial partners to rapidly build intelligent, automated applications for any size problem. Contact us to learn more about our full range of capabilities.

Program Performance Intelligence 

Program Performance depends on the ability to see into the future allowing for interdiction and remediation.

Anti-Money Laundering

Find subtle patterns hidden across multiple data types, including unlabeled data to significantly reduce false positives without increasing the risk profile.

Clinical Variation Management

Understanding and managing clinical variation is foundational for any effort to deliver better care at lower cost.