Whitepapers | December 9, 2018

TDA and Machine Learning: Better Together

BY The Ayasdi Team

Topology is a mathematical discipline that studies shape. Topological Data Analysis (TDA) refers to the adaptation of this discipline to analyzing big and highly complex data. It draws on the insight that all data has an underlying shape and that shape has meaning.

Machine learning is a class of algorithms that adjust and learn from data to take or suggest actions in the future. It promises to help companies effectively segment existing data, identify the key attributes and features that drive segmentation, find patterns and anomalies in the data and precisely classify new data points as they arrive.

We at Symphony AyasdiAI are big fans of machine learning.  The AyasdiAI platform includes more than 30 different machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms, and you can add your own on top of what we provide.

This whitepaper discusses how Topological Data Analysis and machine learning work together to drive breakthroughs in advanced analytics for big data and complex data.

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