ALM: Risk, Liquidity, and Profitability

Accurately Balance Risk and Profitability

Symphony AyasdiAI solutions for risk provide deep insights into profit drivers, revealing behaviors and activities you couldn’t previously pinpoint. Now you can continually understand the change in your customer’s behavior and its impact on your operating model, risk, and profitability. Quickly, accurately, and proactively manage customer, asset class, and risk capital balances, realizing substantial economic value by releasing excess liquidity reserves for more profitable use. Stay compliant with regulations and driving greater efficacy and transparency into risk management decisions. These solutions deliver insights that help you beef up the bottom line and optimize operations like never before.

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Monitoring customer segments

Early Warning of Credit Risk

Understanding credit risk and the dynamics of the customer is challenging but mission-critical. From predicting default and understanding market volatilities to effective oversight of regulatory capital, understanding credit risk is the foundation to an effective financial enterprise. With Symphony AyasdiAI’s credit risk discovery solution, banks can rapidly build and implement a 90-day forward look into credit risk and associated planning with up to 97% accuracy.

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Clear Management of Operational Balances

A clear, consistent, and dynamic understanding of regulatory liquidity and associated buffers has never been more critical. Poor predictive risk models and the lack of historical precedent means too much capital is assigned to regulatory capital allocation. In contrast, Symphony AyasdiAI’s profitability discovery solution focuses on identifying opportunities to release cash from corporate balances while remaining within the desired liquid capital reserve level and risk appetite. By implementing insights from Symphony AyasdiAI, one bank was able to release $7 billion of reserved money to invest in profitable opportunities which generated $110 Million in profit.

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Portfolio-level forecasting
Relationship management alerts

Proactive Relationship Management

Understanding credit stress forms the foundation of proactive customer management. Symphony AsyasdiAI’s profitability discovery solution pioneered the proactive, detailed discovery of credit exposure within corporate portfolios. The result? Relationship managers empowered with the knowledge of how customers are changing, so they can make informed and proactive decisions on where to intervene or introduce new products, and to offer help. The impact? Dramatically improved customer satisfaction leading to an average of $1 million in additional profit every month.

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