Financial Crime & Fraud

SensaAML™, Identifying Anomalous Behaviors 

As the leading AI product for detecting crime financing and cyber-crime, SensaAML™ leverages today’s most advanced AI and ML technologies to discover all financial risk definitively. SensaAML™ puts the power of AI in the hands of many, empowering users to view risk at a global scale and drill down into specific behaviors. With SensaAML™, firms are empowered to increase compliance, efficiency, and profitability, which leads to further growth and innovation. This solution supports enterprise agility by integrating easily with current systems and avoiding the headache of massive disruptive change. By reducing friction in the financial user’s experience, SensaAML™ also helps reduce friction in the customer experience, giving firms a competitive edge in a marketplace continually demanding digital transformation.

Current detection systems are missing the bigger picture

SensaAML™ gets more out of your existing data, to help you slash false positives, discover new anomalies, and control ballooning costs. SensaAML™ creates a roadmap to next-generation monitoring–tracking customers’ actual behavior, monitoring changes over time, and spotting emerging patterns that signal potential problems. We deliver every insight with a fully transparent audit trail, to set your mind at ease, and preserve your status with regulators.

Emerging Behavioral Groups

Discover new and emerging behaviors for dynamic TMS tuning

TMS Optimization

Clearly, completely and explainably recalibrate accuracy of TMS rules

New Entity Risk Detection

Identification of new risks & attacks for a new generation of surveillance rules

Existing Client TMS
Other FinCrime Departments
Existing Client CMS


25% improvement in rule tuning recommendations

Discover Signal in the Noise

At the heart of the problem is finding the balance between signal and noise. SensaAML™ ensures alerts are more accurate, contextual, and insightful, vastly reducing false positive counts. It gives your investigators critical context to quickly determine whether the behavior is genuinely suspicious or not. Using our alert system optimization, financial institutions are able to reduce false positives by an average of 60% and maintain risk coverage of 100%.

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Value Longevity

SensaAML™’s value is amplified over the years as the product builds an intelligent and dynamic discovery framework. The agile solution rapidly adapts to new crimes, asset classes, and regulatory changes. Armed with definitive answers about your institution’s risk profile, your relationships with regulatory bodies and customers alike will grow stronger and become more resilient. As you place AI in the hands of your people, who can now predict and proactively reduce the most dangerous and hard-to-find risks in your organization in less time, the ROI of your investment continues to grow.

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Keeps your TMS in tune. Detects emerging behavior and risk.
Finding 100% of financial crime with an uplift of 50% over existing systems.

Complete map of criminal activity

SensaAML™ finds and predicts criminal behaviors by finding patterns that others can’t, zeroing in on the most salient risks hiding deep within mountains of data. It captures 100% of financial crimes with a typical uplift of 20-50% over existing processes. The solution not only provides a complete and accurate map of all criminal behaviors but also identifies criminals’ exact coordinates on that map. Our user interface makes it easy for managers to see a global top-down view of risk, while investigators can target customer behaviors via alerts that achieve a 1-in-3 high-risk hit rate.

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Dynamic Fraud Protection

By proactively targeting new and evolving fraudulent activities, your risk monitoring team can minimize the impact to your organization. Offering flexible decision-making combined with the powerful synergies of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, Ayasdi’s platform optimizes Customer Experience and Fraud Prevention by leveraging data across the myriad of internal systems and processes. Stay one step ahead of today’s sophisticated risk actors, and gain the ability to provide your investigative team with hard evidence coupled with full explainability of the fraudulent trail. Find out why today’s leading financial institutions rely on Ayasdi for an innovative solution transforming their approach to fraud.

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Enterprise Fraud Protection
Criminal activity uncovered faster with industry leading explainability

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