Financial Crime

Identifying AML, Fraud, and Cybercrime

Designed by customers and built by experts, Symphony AyasdiAI solutions tackle the hardest financial crime challenges: alert system optimization, emerging behavioral group discovery, and new entity risk detection. You can use any or all of these cutting-edge solutions to supplement your existing approaches and TMS. But if you are looking for truly transformational change, these solutions together can replace your existing TMS entirely. These solutions provide unparalleled insights, discovering behaviors you’ve never been able to detect before. They also provide advanced, intelligent risk scoring capabilities to support your KYX, customer due diligence (CDD), and entity due diligence (EDD) and onboarding decision process with real-time, enriched, contextual insight.

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25% improvement in rule tuning recommendations

Discover Signal in the Noise

At the heart of the problem is finding the balance between signal and noise. Symphony AyasdiAI ensures alerts are more accurate, contextual, and insightful, vastly reducing false-positive counts. It gives your investigators critical context so that they can determine quickly whether the behavior is genuinely suspicious or not. Using our alert system optimization, financial institutions are able to reduce false positives by 45% and improve rule tuning 25%.

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Apply Dynamic Coverage

Knowing which behaviors, scenarios, and typologies your TMS rules currently address is only part of the management challenge. Every day, changes to products, geographies, regulations, acquisitions, source data can undermine the work you performed in your prior tuning exercise. Because Symphony AyasdiAI AML analyzes customer transactions, behaviors, sentiment vectors, and inferences daily, it automatically generates lists of and can alert against, customers showing changes in behavior over time. Using this solution, one global bank found 20% new alerts that were missed by their existing TMS.

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Keeps your TMS in tune. Detects emerging behavior and risk.
Discovery & alerting finds 25% greater risk than legacy TMSs alone

Alert on Entity Level Risk

Breaking down silos within your enterprise adds more context and meaning to the reality revealed by your data. Deploy a powerful solution that can holistically understand information coming from all sources to facilitate informed and accurate decisions by you. This approach is at the heart of CHATR (Contextual, Holistic Alerting to Risk). Receive automatic alerts on party-level risk from across the enterprise, in any form, from any discipline. Rapidly integrate with downstream processes and case management systems for greater efficiency and coverage gains for your institution’s risk-based approach (RBA).

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