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Most Advanced AI Company

Symphony AyasdiAI, part of the SymphonyAI Group, is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence software company. Symphony AyasdiAI helps financial organizations discover new, complex, and valuable insights into enterprise data. With unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and speed. Built upon over a decade of research and experience, Symphony AyasdiAI delivers insights to Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations to capture growth, avoid risks, and manage inefficiencies.

We’re different


A breakthrough in value and risk discovery. Quickly and continuously uncover competitive and profit opportunity, previously unknown risks and attacks, and finally move AI from the lab to production, to drive shareholder value.


A Top 10 DARPA innovation, with 44 patents and $100 million in R&D innovation, all delivering now the most powerful enterprise-class AI platform in existence.


Real, ready, and resilient. Data agnostic, enterprise-scale, Defense Department secure, and fully explainable AI.