Machine Learning Applications with the Power to Transform Business

When you see what others don’t, you can do what others can’t.

AyasdiAI deploys the world’s most advanced machine learning to help you see new and valuable insights in your data. With AyasdiAI, you can track actual events as they unfold and take new shape. We supercharge your systems of today and build a bridge to your systems of tomorrow.  

The result is insight you can act on to capture growth, avoid risks, and manage inefficiencies—produced with unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and speed.

Foresee opportunity. Outpace threats. Boost resilience. Get the best out of human intelligence. And make the most out of enterprise data. For financial services, healthcare, and the public sector.

A SymphonyAI Group Company

SymphonyAI Group is the fastest-growing private group of B2B AI companies, backed by a $1 billion commitment to deliver next-generation AI solutions for transforming the enterprise. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly to a group of six companies with a combined revenue run rate approaching $300M. Over 1,600 talented leaders, data scientists and other professionals operate the group under the leadership of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful serial entrepreneurs, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani.

Symphony AyasdiAI Values

We measure our value in our customer’s success 

We innovate by connecting business problems to technology promise

We bring in the best people by bringing out the best in people 

We go further because we go together