Company Overview

Ayasdi Represents the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Our Vision

At Ayasdi, we believe that every application will become intelligent or will cease to exist.

We support that vision with a unique and powerful machine intelligence platform and an equally powerful application framework. Our pioneering work in the space has resulted in the creation and deployment of key enterprise-class intelligent applications for the financial services, healthcare, and public sectors.

The Company’s accomplishments have earned it recognition as one of the world’s most innovative companies from both Fast Company and the World Economic Forum.


What We Do

Ayasdi combines machine intelligence with an application framework to create operational solutions for Global 500 corporations, governments and scientific research institutions around the world. Ayasdi’s machine intelligence platform combines scalable compute with our patented framework for machine learning, Topological Data Analysis to enable data scientists, domain experts and business users to be exponentially more productive. Ayasdi’s Envision application framework facilitates the rapid development of business specific, intelligent applications.

Together, these technologies enable our clients to solve their most valuable, long-standing and complex challenges. 

Ayasdi’s applications and its platform are licensed on an annual subscription basis, and can be deployed on premise, or via private or public cloud infrastructures.