Company Overview

Ayasdi is at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Our Vision

At Ayasdi, we believe that deriving insight from big data will become essential and transformative for every enterprise. We believe that machine intelligence has the ability to revolutionize industries, allowing businesses to scale with algorithms and raw computing power rather than people, drastically improving human productivity, increasing operational effectiveness, and advancing scientific discovery.

What We Do

Ayasdi is an advanced analytics company that offers a machine intelligence platform and intelligent applications to Global 500 corporations, governments and scientific research institutions around the world. Our clients use Ayasdi to solve their big data and complex data analytics challenges and to automate formerly manual processes using their own unique data. Ayasdi’s machine intelligence platform combines scalable computing and big data infrastructure with the latest machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms and Topological Data Analysis to enable data scientists, domain experts and business people to be exponentially more productive.

Ayasdi is licensed on an annual subscription basis, and can be deployed on premise, or via private or public cloud infrastructures.

Ayasdi Timeline


The Early 70’s

Gunnar Carlsson, Harlan Sexton, and Benjamin Mann met as Ph.D. mathematics students at Stanford University…

The Next 30 Years

They conceptualized computational topology and Topological Data Analysis, which today is a core part of the Ayasdi machine intelligence platform.

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Stanford Awarded $10m in Grants

US government research agencies DARPA and NSF award $10M in grants to Stanford, with Gunnar Carlsson as the principal investigator, to apply Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to real world problems. Gunnar invites Ayasdi co-founder Harlan Sexton to work with him on the project.

Gunnar and Gurjeet Team Up

Stanford Ph.D. mathematics student, Gurjeet Singh, joins his professor Gunnar Carlsson on the Topological Data Analysis research project.


Gurjeet Creates Mapper

Gurjeet Singh creates the first software program applying Topological Data Analysis to real-world problems: Mapper.


Ayasdi Founded at Stanford

Gurjeet, Gunnar and Harlan founded Ayasdi to commercialize Topological Data Analysis.


Ann Miura-Ko Joins the Board

Ayasdi receives a $2 million seed round of capital from FLOODGATE.


Vinod Khosla Invests in Ayasdi

Khosla Ventures leads a $10M Series A round.


IVP, GE Ventures and Citi Ventures invest $30M in a Series B round

Steve Harrick of IVP joins the Board.


The Ayasdi Cure suite of applications is launched

Ayasdi Cure is a suite of intelligent applications for pharmaceutical companies focused on biomarker identification, drug target discovery, and precision medicine.

The Ayasdi Care suite of applications is launched

Ayasdi Care is a suite of intelligent applications for healthcare companies focused on clinical variation, claims reimbursement, population health and precision medicine.



Ayasdi raises $55 million in series C round

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Centerview Capital, and DraperNexus invest in Ayasdi.