Fight Crimes, Reduce Risk,
and Maximize Liquidity

With the World’s Most Sophisticated Machine Learning

Today’s hyper-competitive financial services industry requires mastering volatility and moving at warp speed. 

The answers lie in your data. But conventional, rules-based approaches to analytics are too narrow and rigid to keep pace. They can be distracted by single incidents and blind to bigger shifts. 

Ayasdi AI applications bring groundbreaking machine learning to translate your data into winning insights and defensive alerts. They’re objective and comprehensive. They spot new patterns as soon as they emerge amid every kind of data, inside and outside the enterprise. And the more data they ingest, the smarter they get.  

AyasdiAI applications help you see around corners and prevent disasters—with transparency, accuracy, and speed.

Introducing next-generation AML

Ayasdi deploys the world’s most sophisticated machine learning technology to supercharge your detection systems and processes. Ayasdi AML gets more out of your existing data, to help you slash false positives, discover new anomalies, and control soaring costs.

Ayasdi AML creates a bridge to next-generation systems—tracking customers’ actual behavior, monitoring changes over time, and spotting emerging patterns that signal potential problems.

Dynamic Sanctions Protection

Be instantly alerted about customers and transactions that appear on any international sanctions list. Ayasdi Sanctions Protection  dynamically compares transactional and customer data with internal and external watch lists and flags all potentially sanction-violating behavior. 

Liquidity Optimization

Predict an optimal liquidity level adhering to operational and regularity requirements using Ayasdi Liquidity Optimization unsupervised learning. AyasdiAI supervised learning predicts optimal cash balances for each client while AyasdiAI models provide explainability at their core for regulatory acceptance.

Mortgage Fraud Prevention 

Improve identification of patterns of abuse and individual fraudulent loans. Ayasdi Mortgage Fraud Detection uses unsupervised ML to granularly segment loans and isolate suspicious groups.


Perform detailed dynamic analysis of your customers to flag suspicious activity. Ayasdi KYC brings unsupervised machine learning to existing transaction monitoring systems to accurately detect anomalous behavior and generate alerts. 

Customer Success

Reducing False Positives

A top 10 global bank implemented AyasdiAI AML to improve the results of existing AML systems. AyasdiAI reduced false positives by more than 20% without missing a single SAR. 

Optimize Liquidity

A global international bank unlocked $745 million in liquidity with AyasdiAI’s intelligent segmentation by precisely grouping their clients based on transactions and complex features to expose real behavior of customers and actual risk associated for the bank.

Detecting Mortgage Fraud

A large US-based mortgage underwriter implemented AyasdiAI to improve mortgage fraud detection. Ayasdi improved fraud detection by more than 45%