Financial Services + AI

Exploit Your Informational Advantage

The world’s largest financial institutions have an extraordinary advantage over their would be challengers – data.

These institutions sit at the intersection of an extraordinary stream of information. One could argue that only the largest governments and the biggest telcos create and exchange more information than do these complex, geographically distributed enterprises. From data on customers, counterparties, competitors, credit, currencies and any other C that you can think of – not to mention all the other letters in the alphabet, financial services companies have it – in terabytes.

They buy it, generate it, trade it and even borrow it.

When this intelligence framework is deployed against their data, these institutions can understand risk, manage regulation, anticipate customer needs and compete more effectively than ever before.

Data represents a critical edge for these institutions.  

Symphony AyasdiAI is focused on exploiting this data advantage through the creation of intelligent applications that are designed for domain experts. See our solutions below and drill down for additional information. If you don’t see what you are looking for, fear not, our powerful Envision application framework enables you to rapidly build intelligent, automated applications for any size problem.

Regulatory Risk

The defining feature in building regulatory risk models isn’t speed or even accuracy – it is transparency. Find out how to have all three.

Anti-Money Laundering

Find subtle patterns hidden across multiple data types, including unlabeled data to significantly reduce false positives without increasing the risk profile.