Rocket Fuel For the Journey to Value Based Care

Politics aside, value-based care is the model that is transforming the practice and compensation of healthcare in the United States.

Once laggards, payers, and providers are increasingly sophisticated enterprises when it comes to data and the implications for healthcare are staggering. What lies within that data has the power to cure disease, reduce re-admissions, enable precision medicine, improve population health, detect fraud and reduce waste.  

The challenge has traditionally been the complexity of the problem coupled with the size of the data and the fact that the end users, doctors, nurses, and investigators are not data scientists.

They want answers, not questions. They want applications, not spreadsheets or powerpoints.

Symphony AyasdiAI’s suite of intelligent applications solves these mission-critical challenges through intuitive, powerful applications – each drawing on the most powerful and differentiated AI platform in production.

If you don’t see what you are looking for below, fear not, our powerful Envision application framework enables you to rapidly build intelligent, automated applications for any size problem.

Clinical Variation Management

Understanding and managing clinical variation is foundational for any effort to deliver better care at lower cost.

Population Health

What is profit today may very well be cost in the future making the prediction of population health one of the most critical capabilities in healthcare.

Denials Management

Develop a deeper understanding of complex denial groups to address the persistent challenges associated with denied healthcare claims.