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There is a tremendous opportunity for you to tap into the massive amounts of client, product, and market-related data at your disposal to uncover previously hidden insights, to create predictive models, and ultimately to automate your business with intelligent applications. It is difficult to understate how transformational this is for financial services firms – in effect your firm will start to behave like Google, Facebook and/or Amazon, where algorithms and raw computing power fed by your unique data will drive your business. Leading banks are finding Ayasdi machine intelligence to be as much as 1000x more effective than their current systems and processes for advanced analytics.

You can use machine intelligence to drive stronger and more profitable customer relationships, deploy your capital more effectively, mitigate risk, detect fraud, comply with KYC and AML regulations, provide better transparency to regulators, improve your asset allocation strategies, and much more.

You can leverage Ayasdi to support the industrialization of analytics within your firm, and to scale without having to hire armies of data scientists. You can repurpose employees currently dedicated to manual processes like AML investigations. And many financial services firms are further deploying internal centers of excellence, designed specifically to propagate machine intelligence and drive innovation across the enterprise.

Ayasdi’s machine intelligence platform combines innovations in scalable computing, automation, machine learning and topological data analysis to help your firm find previously unknown insights in massive volumes of data with thousands of variables. It leverages the shape of your data to surface subtle relationships, often hard to uncover using conventional analytical tools.

Using Ayasdi’s platform, financial institutions worldwide are building and deploying intelligent applications at scale to become truly data driven businesses.

Improving Regime Forecasting

Institutional capital markets businesses are under constant competitive pressure to optimize costs while retaining their client base.

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CCAR Stress Test

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution helps Bank Holding Companies ensure a satisfactory outcome in stress tests.

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Delivering Deeper Customer Intelligence

Leading financial services firms are looking for ways to precisely segment their customers to help optimize the way they deliver client services.

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Improving Fraud Models

Ayasdi’s advanced analytics solution dynamically parses fraud rules and evaluates their efficacy across a variety of models.

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