Scale your business using computers, not people

At Ayasdi, our vision is to make it easy for you to tap into the massive amounts of client, product, and market-related data at your disposal to uncover previously hidden insights, to create predictive models, and ultimately to automate your business with intelligent applications.

It is difficult to understate how transformational machine intelligence is – think about how firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Visa, Paypal and Alibaba are scaling their businesses not by adding armies of people, but instead by using raw computing power running advanced algorithms fed by their own unique big data.

It’s our mission to deliver the advanced technology and to make it easy enough to use and deploy so that you can do this too.

Our clients, which include many Global 500 corporations, governments and scientific research institutions, are finding Ayasdi machine intelligence to be as much as 1000x more effective than their previous systems and processes for advanced analytics; they are deploying the Ayasdi platform to transform big data analytics and modeling and to automate their key business processes that they formerly scaled with people rather than with technology.

Ayasdi is an enterprise scale machine intelligence platform that delivers the automation you need to gain competitive advantage from your big and complex data.  It supports large numbers of business analysts, data scientists, end-users, developers and operational systems across your organization, simultaneously creating, validating, using and deploying sophisticated analyses and mathematical models at scale. 

Ayasdi layers on top of information already resident in your business applications, data warehouses, data lakes or other big data infrastructure and automatically applies multiple machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms to your data, speeding your discovery and model development processes by orders of magnitude.

Ayasdi uniquely features a breakthrough mathematical framework called Topological Data Analysis that layers on top of and unifies more than 30 machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms to extract critical intelligence from your data that was previously hidden or overlooked by conventional analytical approaches.


Of the hundreds of market and macroeconomic factors, which specific combinations are accurate predictors of asset returns or risk? Learn More

Of the thousands of claims attributes, which specific combinations are the best predictors of claims denials? Learn More

Of the thousands of patient treatment protocols, which specific combinations of events result in the best outcomes? Learn More

Read more below about how Ayasdi is architected and how you can develop and deploy intelligent applications

Machine intelligence is 1000x better

The Ayasdi machine intelligence platform enables you to rapidly find critical intelligence in your big and complex data. It includes automation that dramatically compresses time at every step in your analytical processes – our clients are finding their modeling processes reduced from thousands of hours to minutes.  Ayasdi brings together innovations in Topological Data Analysis with advancements in machine learning and distributed computing systems to comprehensively analyze and uncover patterns in your data which are hard to surface and take far too long using conventional analytical techniques.

Ayasdi automatically creates and validates mathematical models based on your data, and allows these models to be deployed into your production systems. Your developers can leverage our scalable APIs, web services and robust scripting capabilities to deploy intelligent applications at enterprise scale. 


The attributes of machine intelligence

Automate the discovery of significant patterns in complex data


Ayasdi radically simplifies big data analysis. It starts with all your data. Our platform automatically applies combinations of algorithms - from statistics, geometry, and machine learning - to analyze thousands of variables simultaneously. Conventional machine learning techniques struggle with highly dimensional data, limiting analyses to subsets of variables. These techniques rely on a data scientist’s ability to hypothesize relevant partitions in the data and choose the right algorithms as well as the associated parameters prior to analysis. As a result, even highly skilled data scientists are forced to spend considerable amounts of time trying out different techniques and blending the results. Their efforts come across as a “black box” to their business counterparts. Ayasdi amplifies a data scientist’s efforts by substantially reducing the amount of manual work required to discover significant patterns, the precise combinations of explanatory variables, and the implications for the future. It increases transparency and smooths communication with the business around the rationale behind the choice of factors that drive critical business models.


Ayasdi uses innovations in Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to comprehensively analyze all your data simultaneously. The synthesized insights are represented as topological models that encapsulate all the relationships within the data. These models can also be presented as visual maps. Data scientists can use the structure of the data to explore all the significant patterns. The uncovered drivers of these patterns can then be used to create more accurate local models that aid with segmentation, anomaly detection, and prediction. In comparison, traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and machine learning tools force analysts to iterate through combinations of factors to identify groups of variables that hold predictive power. There is a heavy reliance on a data scientist’s ability to make the right choices to create accurate models.

Uncover the precise drivers of patterns of interest to create more accurate models

Deploy applications that are powered by machine Intelligence

Agile application development

Business users can choose to leverage Ayasdi’s purpose-built intelligent applications that help with clinical variation management, denials reduction, market returns and risk forecasting, as well as risk modeling. Customers and partners can also rapidly build tailored applications by leveraging Ayasdi’s REST API and Python SDK that provide full access to the capabilities of the platform. These machine intelligent applications retain their predictive power over time as their underlying models can be continuously updated as new data arrives. Ayasdi Machine Intelligence provides one of the fastest ways of creating and updating predictive applications without the need to invest in a substantial number of data scientists.


Ayasdi doesn’t require you to purchase a supercomputer.  You can deploy it on premises using commodity Intel-based servers, or you can deploy it in private and public cloud infrastructure including on Amazon Web Services.

Machine Intelligence Platform

Python SDK
Rest APIs
Topological Models
Machine Learning, Statistical, and Geometric Algorithms
Distributed Mathematics Layer


3rd Party Apps

Deploying intelligent applications

You  can choose to leverage our suite of packaged intelligent applications for healthcare and financial services, or your application developers can  create your own custom applications.  In all cases, these AI-driven applications are powered by your own unique big data. You can deploy the models you develop in Ayasdi in your operational systems to scale your business like Google, Facebook and Amazon – using computers rather than people.

Ayasdi machine intelligence platform

Ayasdi ingests your data and then applies an optimal set of algorithms from trillions of potential combinations. The synthesized insights are presented through topological models. Topological models are compressed representations of all of your data that are created by grouping data points using a notion of similarity. These similarity maps encapsulate all the relationships that exist within your data. Data scientists and quantitative analysts can use these higher fidelity, visual representations of all of the data to rapidly explore and understand the precise drivers of patterns and outliers.

The Ayasdi platform runs natively on standard big data technologies like Apache Hadoop and YARN. It uses commodity hardware to handle large data sets on commodity compute clusters – on premises or in the cloud. Additionally, the Ayasdi platform scales and adapts to variations and availability of computational resources within your Hadoop clusters (e.g., memory, processor, and IO). This enables analyses that scale with your big data and infrastructure.

Data sources

The Ayasdi platform leverages advancements in big data infrastructure. It uses the Apache Hadoop framework as its foundation. This enables you to run Ayasdi on top of  your existing big data infrastructure including data lakes, data warehouses, and enterprise applications.

Working with the Ayasdi platform

Business users

Business users work with intelligent applications built by Ayasdi, our partners, or by your own internal developers. Examples include clinical variation management, claims denials reduction, stress testing, market returns and risk forecasting, anti-money laundering, fraud detection and risk modeling. Ayasdi bridges the gap between business people and data scientists, letting them work side by side in AI-driven intelligent applications.

Data scientists and app developers

Data scientists are freed from the drudgery of programming in manual machine learning and statistical tools and enjoy up to 1000x better productivity. With Ayasdi data scientists spend more time helping the business, enjoy being more creative, and generally have more fulfilling lives. Application developers use Ayasdi's robust API to create intelligent applications.

IT infrastructure and operations teams

IT operations teams benefit from the fact that Ayasdi utilizes familiar big data infrastructure. The platform capitalizes on advancements in Hadoop for resource management and leverages commodity hardware to perform analytics at scale, making it easier for IT teams to adopt and incorporate machine intelligence into their existing infrastructure.

Getting started

Ayasdi's platform and applications are designed for organizations that want to leverage artificial intelligence and big data to transform their business. If you fit this description - let's talk.

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