Real KYX Intelligence

Really Know Your Customers

Behavior is incredibly opaque and poorly understood, yet the most critical piece of information in relationship management, competitive strategy, operational, and risk management. Finally be empowered to truly discover the behavior, sentiments, and expectations of your customers, your vendors, your employees, your partners – deep, real, granular and actionable insights across the entire behavioral spectrum. Discover and predict risk, churn, sentiment, product interest, risk, performance, and wallet share loyalty. At last, get control of your customer data, a key foundation to your strategy.


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Monitor changes due to COVID-19

Impact of Economic Strain on Customer Behavior

Multiple financial institutions in real-time watched and could understand the radical change in customer behavior over 24 weeks of the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. With no historical precedent, Symphony AyasdiAI was able to understand this new normal, discovering new indicators for customer service focus, credit, and liquidity risk remediation areas, hotspots of opportunistic crime, and increased product investment opportunities.

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Personalized and Relevant Service to Customers

A technology-fluent customer demanding personalized, relevant service will drive loyalty, relationship, relevance, and competitiveness in the future enterprise. Symphony AyasdiAI gets our clients ahead of subtle, weak signals of early churn, sentiment and service challenges, product relevance exposure, and changing relationship status. In one case, a global telecommunications firm with over 300 million customers was able to predict individual customer sentiment, expectations of service, and high probability of churn three weeks ahead of the event.

Customer churn reduction
Prediction three months in advance

Customer Prediction for Supply Chain Optimization

Customer sentiment and supply chain effectiveness, product relevance, and competitiveness are directly related, but elusive to understand and action. By being able to predict and understand customer sentiment, Symphony AyasdiAI is focused on giving you that competitive edge in transforming service, logistics, relationship, and product leadership. A global retailer, through analyzing purchases across thousands of stores, was able to discover new indicators to understand the vector of customer sentiment. The result was a three-month advantage in understanding buying trends and a multi-point improvement in its supply chain, transportation, and logistics and a new generation of opportunities in its marketing personalization strategy.

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